BlokRok & Rok-It

Bottle Rok-It

Bottle Rok-It

In a hurry? Meet the Bottle Rok-It, the newest addition to the BlokRok applicator line. The Bottle Rok-It still allows for controlled, clean-hands coating, but with a design that lets you attach it directly to many threaded-top lotion bottles. And its Rok-it fast, when you have a lot of skin to cover up!



Less mess, better coverage and more fun - better sunscreen application can be yours with the BlokRok applicator. BlokRok comes in one 5.2 oz size (lotion not included) that can keep you covered all day in your favorite sunscreen!



  • Easy

    One hand application allows for mess-free coverage of lotion!

  • Efficient

    The innovative pump-roller allows for quick and thorough coverage of lotion.

  • Effective

    When clean hands are a must, the BlokRok applicators let you bring your best game!








Use code "Blok Rok" for 10% off of your order! 

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Why Should I Use The Applicators?

Are you sick and tired of the greasy mess left over on your hands when you apply sunscreen? Do you hate the overspray and waste associated with using sunscreen spray cans? Does thinking about having to lather lotion onto your 3 year old squirmy kid make you never want to go to the beach again? Then BlokRok and the Bottle Rok-It are for you! They eliminate the waste and mess associated with conventional lotion application methods. They keep your hands clean when you're playing sports or participating in outdoor activities. They make it safer and easier for kids to apply lotion. And the best part? They're fun to use! When clean hands are a must, the BlokRok applicators let you bring your best game!

How Do I Fill Up BlokRok?

Filling and Re-filling follows an easy 3 step process (Highlighted in our refill video on our how to use page). Step 1: Squeeze side grips and pry off the applicator top Step 2: Refill lotion through the central hole in the BlokRok body. Step 3: Pop applicator head back on and begin using BlokRok!

How Do I Clean My Applicator?

BlokRok and The Bottle Rok-It were designed to be as robust as possible so that mess would hardly be an issue. However, say you drop BlokRok in the sand, or The Bottle Rok-It has been spending some time at the bottom of your beach bag and needs a good cleaning. You can easily brush off the roller, wipe it on your beach towel, or stick it under the sink for a few seconds. The roller is removable for tap water rinsing.

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