There are different essential oils available in the market and these are perfect for rejuvenating the skin of your body as well as your face. The best thing about these essential oils is that they do not contain any chemicals or preservatives. Unlike many cosmetic products that are full of chemicals and are extremely harmful to your skin, these essential oils impact your skin only in a positive manner.

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There are multiple functions that these essential oils can perform like protection from acne and anti-aging, removal of oiliness and dryness and much more. Here is a list of 10 best oils that you can use for your face as well as your body

1. Carrot Seed Essential Oil

The carrot seed essential oil is highly rejuvenating oil and it has two important functions: it makes your skin smooth as well as it helps in the regeneration of cells. Due to its capacity to aid regeneration of cells, it can remove scars only in few days. It also improves the tone of your skin. It also contains antioxidants which are perfect for removing wrinkles.

2. Frankincense Essential Oil

This essential oil is also very famous because of one reason: it is perfect for all skin types and anyone can use it. If you have acne on your skin, then this oil is perfect for you because of its anti-bacterial properties. It also acts as a toner and reduces the pores of your skin. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it also tightens the skin.

3. Geranium Essential Oil

The best thing about this oil is that it reduces acne by controlling the natural oil production of your body. The other interesting thing about this oil is that it increases the elasticity of your skin. It is also used to cure many things like bruises, burns, cuts, ringworms, and other skin problems.

4. Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil

Lavender essential oil is the most famous oil among people who have stress problems because it helps you to relax your body. Once you apply it on your body, you will feel fresh and relaxed. It also helps to regenerate skin cells, therefore, it is perfect for aging skin.

5. Myrrh Essential Oil

It has strong anti-aging properties and that is why most people with aging skin use this oil to refresh their skin. This oil also has anti-inflammatory properties which help you to improve the tone of your skin, firmness as well as elasticity.

6. Neroli Essential Oil

This oil is perfect for you if you are tired of your oily skin. Oily skin causes pimples and your skin looks much aged but using this oil you can maintain the natural production of oil of your skin. Another important component of this oil is citral which is perfect for the regeneration of cells. As this oil balances the oil production and thus consequently shrink the pores of your skin making you younger than always.

7. Patchouli Essential Oil

This oil is used specifically for aging skin and to reduce wrinkles. Its anti-inflammatory properties reduce inflammation and it is also very helpful in the regeneration of cells. If used on regular basis, it will make your smooth and there will remain no trace of wrinkles or fine lines. The oil also has antibacterial and antifungal properties and that is why this oil keeps you away from all types of skin infections.

8. Rose Essential Oil

People have been using rose essential oil for centuries, and it is found by many researchers that this oil has therapeutic properties and it helps to heal your skin. The best thing about this oil is that it makes the tone of your skin even, and it makes your skin glowing red. It is also proved by many experiments that the rose oil replenishes your skin with the essential oil if your skin is dry.

9. Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea Tree essential Oil is perfect for acne and oily skin because of its anti-bacterial properties. This oil helps your skin to fight bacteria and other infections, and it is also perfect for healing wounds. The Tea Tree oil also regulates the amount of oil in your skin ultimately making your skin free from any acne.

10 Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

This essential oil has different characteristics and the paramount among them is its unique fragrance. It also helps to regenerate your skin cells.



This guest post is written by Joe Cole, he works at Coupon Goo.