BlokRok on The Grommet! 

What is The Grommet?

The Grommet launches undiscovered products and helps them Succeed. Grommets are products with purpose by people with stores to help us all Buy Differently

Since 2008 The Grommet has launched more than 2,000 consumer products in 16 consumer categories. Only 3% of all products considered by The Grommet are actually selected, and The BlokRok and Bottle Rok-It are two of them

 The Grommet will have a live comment board today from 12pm-8pm where Arianna will be online talking about BlokRok with The Grommet community, answering their questions and fielding comments. We encourage you all to join the conversation and ask Arianna any questions that you may have about BlokRok or The Bottle Rok-it!

Where Can You Find The BlokRok?

Check out our Grommet Launch below and make sure to share it with your family and friends to help us #buildthebuzz 


BlokRok on The Grommet!