Lighting The Fuse On The Bottle Rok-it!

In a Hurry?

Meet the Bottle Rok-It, the newest addition to the BlokRok applicator line.  The Bottle Rok-It has the same applicator features of the BlokRok for getting controlled, clean-hands coating, but attaches directly to threaded-top lotion bottles.   And it's Rok-It fast, when you have a lot of skin to cover up!  Great for travel size lotion tubes and for the big family-day-at-the-beach bottles. 



You want a cap, except when you don't. 

We took care of that dilemma. The protective cap is tethered so it won't get lost, and attaches snugly out of the way during use in a specially designed anchoring point.  



Bottle Rok-It: The "Whole Package"

The Bottle Rok-It comes in a sealed package with an attachable lanyard. Of course, all BlokRok products are made of materials that are specifically selected not to react with sunscreens and are safe for contact with skin and lotions. 

The Rok-It fits

 The Bottle Rok-It fits most screw top lotion bottles. Here are just a few of the many compatiable brands.


 Head on over to our store and get your very own Rok-It HERE 


Rok On! 

-The BlokRok Team