About Us


Arianna Megaro is the Creator of BlokRok & The Bottle Rok-It. She is a resident of Charleston, SC and a 2013 Graduate of The College of Charleston. 


Her inspiration for BlokRok came from a relative being diagnosed with Skin Cancer. She learned that 1 in 5 people in the U.S. will get skin cancer-- mainly because of over exposure to the sun.  

Amazingly, most people use sunscreen but don't apply nearly enough. Research shows a key reason why people under-apply sunscreen is because of the mess - especially messy hands. In addition to being expensive and wasteful, the alternative spray sunscreens introduce other problems like flammability and inhalation. 


Sunscreen is notoriously sticky, slippery and hard to manage. A sunscreen applicator that met these challenges took 2 years for Arianna and her team of Fluidic & Design Engineers to create. Their goal throughout was to design a fun and effective applicator to help improve sunscreen application while also being economical and environmentally friendly. The result was BlokRok, and its design is so novel that it was awarded a 42-claim U.S. Patent! The Bottle Rok-It is their new product, which harnesses the technology and innovation from BlokRok, but allows you to screw it directly onto a lotion bottle, making sunscreen application even easier. 

Arianna's goal for BlokRok and the Bottle Rok-It is to make a difference in the way people take care of their skin by offering people a cleaner and less wasteful lotion application experience.  BlokRok belongs everywhere people go outdoors - on the beach, golf course, hiking trail, tennis court - everywhere clean hands and sun protection are essential.